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A Guide to the Best Knoxville Dog Friendly Hardware Stores You Can Shop

Updated: May 30, 2022

Although Knoxville is known for being dog friendly, it can often be a bit ruff to know what businesses are dog friendly. How can you find the answer to whether your four-legged DIY partner can join you on your trip for supplies for your home improvement project? But don’t worry, Dog Friendly Knoxville is here to help you find those dog friendly businesses. Unfur-tunately, most stores don’t advertise their store policy on dog customers. Although, through our research it was found most all hardware stores in the Knoxville area are dog friendly. Big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Harbor Freight will welcome your pets although not officially posted on their store website.

It was confirmed that Knoxville area Elder’s Ace Hardware stores are very dog friendly, and most will have a tasty treat for your pal. Elder’s Ace Hardware is a family-owned business that serves its local neighborhoods. It is always great to support your local small businesses that give back to their community like Elder’s. Did you know that Tractor Supply also allows dogs in their store? And many Tractor Supply stores have a PetVet Clinic that offers preventative services such as vaccines, testing and microchips, so you could complete an errand two-fur in one trip! And add Rural King to your list too!

When you visit these businesses that make it paw-sible for your dog to join you, please ensure to follow these guidelines; be sure that your dog has emptied themselves, is on a leash and remains well-mannered while in the store. It is always a good idea to bring some treats to continue that training and to make sure it remains a positive experience for your pup and the other patrons. It is always suggested to call ahead to confirm your local store will welcome your pet as policies can change. Let’s raise the woof for our dog friendly Knoxville hardware stores.


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