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Find a Local Private Dog Park

If you need more space for your dog, consider renting a private "dog park." Sniffspot is like Airbnb for dog areas. Sniffspot allows you to rent private spaces by the hour for you to use with your dog(s).

This is perfect if you want a place to train your dog in a private, secure, and distraction free area. Or maybe you don't have a yard of your own and you need a spot to play with your dog. A Sniffspot space can be a great place for a reactive dog to be off leash. Sniffspot is great for playdates or puppy parties too.

If you do have the space, you can rent it out to others and make some extra money. See if being a Sniffspot host is right for you.

Sniffspot also has an app, so you can find a sniffspot anywhere you are.

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