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Pouring Pints with Wagging Tails: Dog-Friendly Breweries in Knoxville That Welcome Your Dog Inside

Updated: May 24

Dog at a brewery
Dog Friendly Knoxville Breweries

While East Tennessee boasts fantastic weather for outdoor activities, there are inevitable days when the weather doesn't cooperate. However, this doesn't mean you and your furry companion have to stay cooped up indoors. Knoxville offers a vibrant brewery scene where you can enjoy quality craft brews while your four-

legged friend is welcomed with open paws. Here's a roundup of indoor breweries in Knoxville where you can savor a pint alongside your pet.

Printshop Beer Co:

Located in the heart of Knoxville's historic SoKno, Printshop Beer Co. offers a cozy indoor space where you can relax with your pup. With a rotating selection of craft beers and a welcoming atmosphere, it's a great spot to unwind with friends, both human and canine.

Crafty Bastard:

Crafty Bastard is known for its innovative brews and pet-friendly environment. Situated in the Happy Holler neighborhood, this brewery features an eclectic range of beers brewed on-site. Bring your dog along and enjoy a pint in their laid-back indoor setting.

Pretentious Beer Co:

True to its name, Pretentious Beer Co. takes beer seriously but not itself. Nestled in the heart of Knoxville's Old City district, this brewery offers a stylish indoor space adorned with unique glassware creations. Leash up your furry companion and sample their diverse selection of craft brews.

Elst Brewing:

For a taste of Belgian-inspired beers in Knoxville, look no further than Elst Brewing. This cozy brewery welcomes dogs inside, where you can savor their carefully crafted brews and soak in the friendly ambiance.

Fanatic Brewing Co:

Fanatic Brewing Co. is a hidden gem tucked away in the North Knoxville neighborhood. Known for its small-batch beers and dog-friendly policy, it's the perfect spot to spend a leisurely afternoon with your canine companion.

Alliance Brewing Co:

With its laid-back vibe and spacious indoor seating, Alliance Brewing Co. is a favorite among locals and their pets alike. Bring your dog along to enjoy their rotating selection of craft beers brewed with passion and precision.

Orange Hat Brewing:

Situated in Knoxville's bustling Hardin Valley neighborhood, Orange Hat Brewing offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for beer enthusiasts and their furry friends. Swing by with your dog and sample their diverse lineup of handcrafted brews.

Hi-Wire Brewing:

As one of Knoxville's premier breweries, Hi-Wire Brewing boasts a lively indoor taproom where dogs are always welcome. Whether you're craving a classic IPA or something more experimental, you'll find it here alongside your canine companion.

Merchants of Beer:

Merchants of Beer is a beer lover's paradise, featuring an extensive tap list and a spacious indoor beer hall. Bring your dog along and explore their diverse array of brews while soaking in the lively atmosphere.

Albright Grove Brewing Co:

Albright Grove Brewing Co. combines a passion for craft beer with a love for furry friends. Head over to this cozy brewery with your dog in tow and enjoy their rotating selection of small-batch brews.

Knox Brew Hub:

Knox Brew Hub serves as a hub for Knoxville's craft beer community, offering a welcoming space for beer enthusiasts and their pets. Swing by with your dog and sample beers from a variety of local breweries.

Swara Brewing Co:

Located in Maryville, Swara Brewing Co. is a dog-friendly brewery that prides itself on its commitment to quality and creativity. Bring your furry friend along and indulge in their innovative brews.

Next Level Brewing Co:

Rounding out our list is Next Level Brewing Co., a hidden gem known for its cozy atmosphere and flavorful beers. With plenty of indoor seating and a dog-friendly policy, it's an ideal spot to unwind with your pet.

Don't let inclement weather keep you and your furry friend cooped up indoors. Instead, head to one of Knoxville's dog-friendly indoor breweries, where you can enjoy quality craft beers in the company of your beloved pet. From cozy taprooms to spacious beer halls, these establishments offer the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon with your canine companion. So leash up your dog and embark on a beer-tasting adventure in Knoxville's vibrant brewery scene! Check out our interactive map to see where you are going first! Cheers!



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