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Newest Knoxville Dog Park

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

There is a new off-leash dog park in the Knoxville area. Carden Farm Dog Park (401 Riverview Dr) is now open in Clinton, TN just outside of Knoxville. There is a separate small dog area, along with a large dog area with agility equipment. There are also walking paths inside the fenced area, as well as outside of it.

Photo Credit: City of Clinton

This dog park joins several others in the Knoxville area.

Charter E. Doyle PetSafe Dog Park at 5100 W. Martin Mill Pike

Victor Ashe Dogwood Dog Park at 4901 Bradshaw Road

Downtown PetSafe Dog Park at 200 S. Central Street

Holston River PetSafe Dog Park at 3300 Holston Hills Road

PetSafe Concord Dog Park at 10901 South Northshore Drive

PetSafe Village Dog Park at 10424 PetSafe Way

PetSafe Emma Jane Walker Memorial Dog Park at 6400 Fountain City Road

PetSafe Plumb Creek Dog Park at 1517 Hickey Road

PetSafe I.C. King Dog Park at 2625 Maryville Pike

PetSafe Pistol Creek Dog Park at 308 Home Ave, Maryville

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