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8 tips on how to have the best experience while out with your dog in Knoxville

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

As the weather warms up, more people will be enjoying Knoxville and that also means more dogs will be out with their pawrents. Knoxville offers so many places to bring your pup that it makes it hard to leave them at home. Use these 8 tips to enhance your experience for you and your pooch.

1. Preparing for Your Outing

Before you leave for your outing, it is a good idea to exercise your dog and give them ample time to empty themselves as most often there is not an appropriate place for your dog to do that while you are visiting dog friendly businesses.

2. Get Comfy

Be aware of your dog’s comfort level. Although you may want your dog to come along with you on your outing, it is imperative that you only bring your dog along when they are fully comfortable. Some dogs are ok in public spaces with a lot of people and dogs, whereas some do best when it is a less busy environment. If you are unsure if your dog is comfortable when you go out, educate yourself on some basic dog behavior. There are many sources that are available, such as artist Lili Chin who has created very helpful dog illustrations or the book Canine Body Language by Brenda Aloff.

3. Leash Up

Please follow the leash laws in your area and keep your pup on a short leash. Retractable leashes are not best used when you are around a lot of people or when you need your dog to be close to you. Our Out & About Leash is the perfect tool for you when you are out and about with your dog. It allows you to wrap the leash around your waist so you can be hands free while carrying a drink or food. It easily converts to a tether of desirable length so you can tether your dog to a patio table or park bench. The possibilities are endless with the Out & About Leash and the only leash you will ever need while adventuring with your dog.

4. For the Love of Dogs

Although you love your dog, not everyone loves dogs or wants to greet/pet your dog. When you are navigating dog friendly spaces be respectful of everyone and keep your dog close to you on a short leash.

5. Don’t Pop That Bubble

Like people, although dogs may be friendly, some also have space bubble needs. Some dogs don’t like to be touched by unfamiliar people or dogs, or on certain areas of their bodies. An owner may be training their dog and your dog getting in the middle could break up that training session. We don’t always get to do the things we want, and we need to learn how to control ourselves, this means the dogs too. It is important to train your dog on impulse control. Dogs should be trained to be able to see a person or a dog without losing their mind trying to get to them. If you don’t know the dog, it is best to ask the human if your dogs can meet and greet.

6. Treat Time

Be aware of other patrons. If your dog begins incessantly barking or being disruptive it is time to remove your dog or begin using your training skills (Hope you brought those treats!). Most often basic obedience skills you learn in a basic class can be used to mitigate your dog’s unruly behavior. If you haven’t taken a basic obedience class, you should consider doing so as all dogs no matter what age can benefit from positive reinforcement training and the owners too!

7. Paws on the Floor

If the place you are at serves food, they have requirements they must abide by set by their local health department. Please don’t allow dogs on chairs and tables, lick the plates or any other rule the restaurant has set for dogs in their business. Please follow these rules so these businesses can continue welcoming your dog.

8. Attention Span

It is so important that you are aware of your surroundings and what your dog is doing when you are in a public setting. So often people are consumed with their conversation that they don’t pay attention to their dog. In order to follow the suggestions mentioned above you must multitask; ordering a drink, or talking with friends, while keeping an eye on your pup to ensure everyone stays safe and happy.

'We are so lucky to have such a dog friendly city' is often heard from Knoxville residents, and I couldn’t agree more! Many businesses encourage you to bring your dog so they can give them lots of love and pets. Be sure to mind your manners and follow this petiquette and Let’s Keep Knoxville Scruffy, because we all know, Life is Better with Dogs!